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Year 6

Celebrating the end of SAT's in style!

Healthy Schools

Yesterday was awesome! Three teachers from Chaucer Secondary School came and spent the day with us and taught us all about healthy lifestyles. The best activity I thought was when we made an information board about how much sugar is contained within different foods. My group looked at the sugar content of Weight Watchers Caramel Deserts, they have 47 grams of sugar in both which equates to 23.5 grams in just one desert.


Did you know that there is 32.5 grams of sugar in a jar of Bolognese sauce?


The biggest shock that we had was to find out that Baked Beans contain 28 grams of sugar within the whole can and there is nearly the same amount of sugar in both Lucozade and Coke Life (green bottle)!


We went on the laptops and independently researched healthy lifestyles. I learnt that the sugar content within most foods is really high and we eat far too much sugary food in this Country. I found out that 1 out every 3 adults in England is classed as being obese.


Using the laptops I researched healthy and non-healthy food groups and the different food types that were classed to be within each group.


We learnt that calories are energy. If you don't burn off the calories by doing exercise then they turn into fat!


In the afternoon we did a carousel of different sporting activities. There was hop scotch, swapping balls from one side of cones to another, basketball dribbles, long jump, star jumps and finally running around the mugger once.


I was shocked to find out that if you ran around the whole mugger you only burnt off 5 calories, doing the hop scotch and running back to the beginning burnt off 2 calories and switching the ball from one set of cones to another moving side to side burnt off 2 calories also.


Overall we had a fabulous day! We all learnt a lot about healthy lifestyles and about the sugar content within food and what it can do to our bodies.

End of Year Performance

Auditions have taken place and the cast is set for the 'Year 6 End of Year Performance'.  This year our children will be performing the musical 'Hagbane's Doom'.  The performance will be taking place on Thursday 9th July in the afternoon, exact time to be confirmed.

Maths fun in the sun!

Whilst preparing for our maths SATs we have taken full advantage of the beautiful weather and have taken our learning outside.

The Solar Eclipse

Friday 20th March 2015 - 9.30am

World Book Day

On Friday 6th March we came to school dressed as our favourite book characters as a way of celebrating World Book Day. We all went in to the hall at the start of the day for a whole school assembly.  Most of the children were dressed up as their favourite book character. Miss Wood and Miss Beasley judged who represented their chosen character the best; they chose a winner from each class and they each won a prize! Later on in the day we each received a token that allowed us to choose a free book. There were some really cool books for us to chose from!  Overall we had a lovely day!

Take a look at our costumes.

Can you guess which characters we are dressed as?

Lifewise Centre

On Wednesday 4th February we went to the Lifewise Centre at Rotherham where we took part in various scenarios. The main focus of each scenario was safety! How we could keep safe; what we needed to do in different situations and emergencies and the consequences of our actions.

  • Did you know that it is just as bad stealing a packet of sweets from a shop as it is stealing a laptop? They both can carry a 2  year sentence.
  • Did you know that you are legally responsible for your own actions from the age of 10?
  • Did you know that anyone with a clean record, over the age of 18 can become a Magistrate?
  • Did you know that the average stopping distance of a car travelling at 30mph is 75 metres, which is equivalent to 6 car lengths?
  • Did you know most road traffic accidents happen to children aged between 11 and 15 years of age? Why do you think this is?
  • What does it mean when someone uses CAPITAL letters in an email or text message?
  • Did you know that a bus has 3 emergency exits? 1 at the back, 1 at the front and 1 at the side of the bus.

We learnt the answers to these questions and a lot more besides.

Overall we had a fantastic day and learnt a lot of valuable information!

Spring 1 Newsletter


Sue and Nick came from Mount Tabor Church and told us about advent; what it is and why advent is an important time of the year. We lit a candle and thought about our wishes for the future; for ourselves, our family and friends and for the World. We also took part in a range of activities to help us with this. 

Basketball with Sheffield Sharks

Still image for this video

Remembrance Day

Tuesday 11th November was Remembrance Day. We started the day by wearing our poppies in respect for all the soldiers who had died and we observed a minute silence throughout the whole school.

Y6TH's English group based a piece of writing around a field of poppies. We had to describe the setting using descriptive language and the use of our senses. Y6TH also sketched the field of poppies later in the afternoon during our Art session.

During the whole day Nick and Susan (representatives from Mount Tabor Methodist Church) came into our school and ran various activities in the hall. When it was our turn we entered the hall and saw a gigantic, mysterious tent set up in one corner. It was covered over by a net that had pictures of doves and poems and letters pinned onto it. We were told that we could write a letter or poem for someone we wanted to remember or send a prayer to; draw and colour in a dove of peace; create pictures with glass beads and plait ribbons to wear as a symbol of remembrance.

Quite a few of us chose to create pictures with the glass beads. We made poppies, the peace sign and spelt out the word love. All of us plaited ribbons and wore them wrapped around our wrists and a few of us wrote a prayer and coloured in doves.

Overall we had a lovely time doing these activities and remembering the fallen soldiers.



Sponsored Walk

On Friday 26th September the whole of Year 6 took part within a sponsored walk. We had to walk around the school field 10 times!  When we did the walk we either walked with a partner or as part of a small group. Most people would think it would be boring but it wasn't, it was fab! We had a lot of fun!

The reason that we did a sponsored walk was to raise money towards the cost of our residential, in March, to Kingswood. By the end of the walk everyone felt extremely tired but happy!


Meynell's Junior Road Safety Officers

In order for us to become Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) we had to write an application letter applying for the position.  In the letter we had to state the reasons why we wanted to be a JRSO, what skills we had that would help us be successful, why we thought the role of the JRSO was important and what it would bring to our school. We were the successful candidates to lead Road Safety within our school however; it is down to everyone, both children and adults, to ensure the safety of all of our Meynell family.

Kingswood Residential information. Please take a look.

Kingswood Residential

 The Kingswood Residential takes place in March 2015. If you want your child to go on this please return the deposit slips to Mrs White in the office by Friday 26th September with the deposit.


We are so looking forward to this and would really love every child to go with us!

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Welcome to the Year 6 page. As you can see, last year we did lots of exciting things. We can't wait to have another fantastic year with the new Year 6 pupils.


Mrs Holmes

Mr Glisson

Mrs Jackson