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Meynell Primary School

Aspire, Believe, Explore, Achieve


At Meynell, we aspire to help our children develop as historians through a range of learning experiences that are underpinned by our key intentions for learning in this subject, including: 


  • Developing a sense of chronological understanding across British, world and community history ,giving them an understanding of key historical terms, dates and periods which will, in turn allow them to notice and discuss contrasts, trends and connections.
  • Reflecting and knowing how the presence or lack of fairness in various forms has shaped society.
  • Acquiring the necessary skills to investigate and interpret events and using this knowledge to link to ‘big ideas’ such as equality and conservation.
  • Raising aspirations through reflection of events that have taken place in the past and be able to discuss how they have impacted on our lives today.
  • Understanding how history has shaped our current society, including how historical events and discoveries have impacted upon our understanding of health through history and in modern times.


Curriculum Content


Topics include:


Key Stage 1 

  • Changes within living memory
  • Significant historical events, people and places in children's own locality
  • Great Fire of London
  • Significant Individuals.


Key Stage 2

  • Changes in Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Roman Empire
  • Anglo Saxons
  • Mayans 
  • World War 2
  • Sheffield Local Study.



Whole School History Learning Sequence

Substantive Concepts