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At Meynell, we aspire to help our children develop as historians through a range of learning experiences that are underpinned by our key intentions for learning in this subject:


  1. It is our intention that all children will develop a sense of chronological understanding across British, world and community history as they move through school, giving them an understanding of key historical terms, dates and periods which will, in turn, allow them to notice and discuss contrasts, trends and connections.


  1. It is our intention that children are will gain a wide range and depth of historical knowledge based around key events and people, including identifying inspirational people who have achieved despite adversity.


  1. It is our intention that children will be able to use their understanding to reflect and know how the presence or lack of fairness in various forms has shaped society.


  1. It is our intention that children acquire the necessary skills to investigate and interpret events using a range of sources of evidence that address questions about change, cause, similarity, difference and significance. Children will be able to use this knowledge to link to ‘big ideas’ such as equality and conservation.


  1. It is our intention that children’s aspirations will be raised through reflection of events that have taken place in the past and be able to discuss how they have impacted on our lives today.


  1. It is our intention that children will understand how history has shaped our current society, including how historical events and discoveries have impacted upon our understanding of health through history and in modern times.


  1. It is our intention that children develop a progressive historical vocabulary that enables them to express their ideas and opinions.


  1. It is our intention that children’s historical understanding supports them to be prepared for the outside world and equipped to be successful in further education and employment.

Progression of skills from EYFS to Y6

Subject coverage

At Meynell this year we investigated Remembrance Day by developing our range and depth of historical knowledge. This included looking at peoples reasons for remembering, links between key events and cause and effect of major wars. We explored this through drama, art, writing, PSHE and many other ways. 

To recap and revisit our history skills we celebrated recent history through 'Decades Day'

As well as in class activities, we created a poppy memorial for Remembrance Day

We celebrated Black History Month across school, looking at lots of different aspects including culture, representation in art, key figures and civil rights.

Y5 were very greatful to Dr.Davies, one of the countries leading Maya architects, for working closely with us to develop and deliver such a fantastic, memorable and skills led day.

It has been very useful to work with our secondary school colleagues to ensure Y5/6 history sends our children up with all the right skills.

To learn more about recent history we took part in 'Decades Day'. Each year group researched a recent decade and fed back to each other and our parents.