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Meynell Primary School

Aspire, Believe, Explore, Achieve

Meet the Staff


HR & Office ManagerMrs Z Hill
Clerical OfficerMiss E Revill
Finance OfficerMrs S White
Clerical OfficerMrs J Stanton
Senior Learning MentorMrs C Oates
Safeguarding OfficerMrs C Sparkes
Senior Behaviour Co-ordinatorMrs E Holliday
Learning MentorMiss N Badkin
Behaviour Support AssistantMr A Celik
Education Welfare OfficerMrs L Cherrill
Education Welfare OfficerMrs K Spencer
Trust IT DirectorMr L Askin
Trust IT Primary Area ManagerMr R Lemm
Trust Primary IT TechnicianMr R Blackner
Year 6Mr J West
Year 6Mr B Jones
Year 5Mrs T Holmes
Year 5Miss M Newton
Year 4Mr C Gray
Year 4Mrs V Hall
Year 3Miss C Ellis
Year 3Miss S Harker
Year 2Miss M Park
Year 2Miss K Norris
Year 1Miss J Park
Year 1Miss H Elwood
Foundation 2Mrs N Churchus
Foundation 2Miss A Watts
Foundation 1Mrs C Mennell
Foundation 1Miss J Hoban
Foundation 1 Mrs R Thorp
HLTAMrs T Berrisford
HLTAMiss J Swaby
Learning Support AssistantMr C Twidale-Smith
Learning Support AssistantMrs J Harrison
Learning Support AssistantMrs A Booth
Learning Support AssistantMiss S Beer
Learning Support AssistantMiss R Leaver
Learning Support AssistantMs J Markham
Learning Support AssistantMiss A Bellhouse 
Learning Support Assistant / CleanerMiss C Savory
Learning Support AssistantMiss Y Facey
Learning Support AssistantMiss I Clifford-Johnson-
Learning Support AssistantMiss B Unwin
Learning Support AssistantMiss G Fox
Learning Support AssistantMrs T Howard
Learning Support AssistantMrs S Scanlon
Learning Support AssistantMrs N Mustafa
Learning Support AssistantMiss V Berger
Learning Support AssistantMrs R Turner
Building SupervisorsMr A Underwood / Mr K Wall
CleanerMiss C Savory
CleanerMrs S Clewes 
CleanerMrs J Field 
CleanerMrs A Hardcastle 
CleanerMrs D Bell
CleanerMrs K Wild
CleanerMiss C Connealy
CleanerMrs L Ellis
CleanerMrs K Gethen 
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs J Reaney
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss C Connealy
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs J Schofield
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss L Phipps
Lunchtime SupervisorMs C Davison
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs L Lorenzo-Oval
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs D Coe
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss L France 
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss E Brooks 
Cook SupervisorMrs T Holmes 
Assistant CookMrs K Young
Catering AssistantMrs D Gorner 
Catering AssistantMrs A Birks
Catering AssistantMrs L Sykes