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Meynell Primary School

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Early Years Foundation Stage

At Meynell Primary School we intend that our curriculum educates all the children in knowledge, skills and understanding to be effective, inquisitive, curious, independent learners and influence their wider thinking across all areas of the curriculum. 


We wish our children to believe in themselves and their abilities and capabilities, to belong to the school learning community and the wider community and to become successful in their academic career and beyond.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum


Children work towards the 17 'Early Learning Goals':


Prime areas:

•        Personal, Social and Emotional development


- Develop an interest and awareness of their environment

- Develop positive self-image and meaningful relationships

- Develop tolerance, respect, care and understanding of others and the environment.

- Acquire a sense of enjoyment and have a positive attitude towards learning.

- Develop independence eg dressing, toileting, washing, eating etc.


•        Communication and Language


- Listen carefully

- Communicate with others confidently and with understanding.


•        Physical development


Specific areas:

  • Literacy


Reading is at the heart of our curriculum and we aim to encourage a love of reading right from the start. Children have access to a range of books that will develop their oracy, vocabulary and comprehension. 


  •    Phonics

We follow the RWI programme. Children are introduced to letter sounds. Children are encouraged to read at home and are listened to regularly in school. They are given books that match their phonic knowledge in order for them to apply their learning with the aim of becoming successful, confident and fluent readers.


•        Mathematics


Pupils learn through games and tasks. High quality teaching and learning supports children in their mathematical development. 


•        Wider curriculum


Our wider curriculum is taught through the learning areas 'Understanding of the World' and 'Expressive Arts and Design.' Exciting activities are planned to build on children's natural curiosity. 


How to find our more about Foundation Stage


Detailed information and policies can be found on our policies page.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.