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The Teaching of Writing at Meynell


The teaching of English is through the immersive model of ‘Sequence for writing’ with a focus on acquiring and using vocabulary in context.


We follow the mastery in English approach to writing. This is an approach to ensure children are exposed to age related expectations and ‘close the gap’.  It covers both narrative and non-fiction. 


A cross curricular approach is encouraged, with lots of our English and wider curriculum topics being interlinked.


Each classroom has a visible English display that follows the principles of sequence for writing so that children see the journey of their learning and the build up to a piece. 


At Meynell we are always using our growth mindset and thinking about how we can make our work even more fantastic. Green Pen Work (GPW) is continuous throughout the writing process and focuses on moving learning forward and is related to the success criteria for that lesson, spelling or proofreading (e.g. capital letters, punctuation).


A discrete editing and improving lesson comes at the end of the writing sequence. Children's fantastic work is published and displayed around school. We have a 'Meynell's Magnificent Writing Wall' in school, where displays work that children are especially proud of. 



Spelling, punctuation and grammar skills are taught both in the context of sequence for writing but also in stand-alone lessons. Children are tested using termly and their scores recorded.



Spellings and spelling rules are taught explicitly throughout school.

KS1 The children have one hour a week spelling lesson using the scheme ‘Spelling made easy’.

KS2 - The spellings given out weekly are taken from Miss Bee spelling list. The children practice their spellings through the app ‘Spelling shed’.



We follow the Martin Harvey approach to handwriting. A discrete handwriting is taught for a minimum of 20 minutes 3 x a week.



Dear parents/carers,


As part of our English learning in school, we have signed up to Spelling Shed, a website which will help your child to develop and deepen their knowledge and understanding of spelling. Children are able to practise their spellings online using fun games.

The game gives four different degrees of support in the form of difficulty modes; Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. Higher levels allow a higher score to be achieved but children can practise as much as they like on lower levels before trying to gain high scores.

You can log on via: https://play.spellingshed.com