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Pupil Premium

Please see below details of our Pupil Premium Strategy and spending. 

Pupil Premium Schedule 2020-2021

Pupil Premium Evaluation 2019-2020

What is Pupil Premium?


Pupil Premium is additional funding allocated to schools to help improve the outcomes for disadvantaged children and those who need extra support. 


How is the funding used at Meynell?


Our Pupil Premium Strategy and spending reviews highlight the use of the funding allocated to our school. We are fully committed to ensuring that the individual needs of each child are met. The main objectives are to:


  • Provide additional educational support to improve progress and raise the standard of achievement for identified pupils.
  • Address any underlying inequalities.
  • Ensure that the additional funding reaches the pupils who need it the most and that it makes a significant impact on their education and lives.
  • Promote the achievement and progress of all pupils.


How is the funding allocated?


  • The Headteacher, in consultation with the governors and staff, will decide how the Pupil Premium is spent for the benefit of entitled pupils.
  • The school will assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils.
  • The school will be accountable for how it has used the additional funding to support the achievement of those pupils covered by the Pupil Premium and the Headteacher will report to the governing board and parents on how effective the intervention has been in achieving its aims.
  • We will ensure that parents, governors and others are made fully aware of the attainment of pupils covered by the Premium.