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Our wider curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

At Meynell we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a rich and diverse curriculum which helps our children raise their aspirations for their future. We hope to provide our children with the foundations to develop their ambitions for their lives by providing consistent opportunities for them to learn more.

At Meynell, our children are immersed in relevant and purposeful learning which prepares them for, and helps them to flourish in, a life beyond our school gates—with careful consideration being given to adding to our children’s cultural capital. We aim to inspire our children to  be future thinkers, innovators, creators and problem solvers.


We are determined that every child who passes through our school will have an education which sets them up to be successful in life and inspire them to go on to great things in their futures. To ensure this happens we place great emphasis on the development and progression of key skills in English and Mathematics as we feel that children being literate and numerate is the first priority in ensuring they can prosper as adults.

Along side this, through a variety of topics, SMSC, cross-curricular learning and meaningful experiences, we strive to create emotionally intelligent pupils who are independent, confident, resilient, opinionated, compassionate and tolerant of others.


Our curriculum has breadth, balance and depth and it encapsulates our enquiry led approach to education, whilst being accessible to all. We make sure to revisit, recap and embed to create a depth of understanding our learners can carry with them throughout their lives.

We deliver this vision in a supportive environment that stimulates and promotes high quality learning whilst supporting the mental health and emotional needs of our children.


Our curriculum is based on the September 2014 National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 & 2 and the Early Years 2012 framework in Foundation Stage.  Our RE curriculum is based on the locally agreed Sheffield syllabus. 


We have adopted the fundamental principles of the ‘Learning Challenge Curriculum’, which we have adapted to the unique needs of our school. We believe that this helps our pupils not only acquire knowledge, skills and understanding but also, and importantly, a spirit of enquiry. We aim to raise our children's aspirations by encouraging them to see things from different points of view and to always question how things could be different. This spirit of enquiry combined with our school values encourages our children to always aim to be the best version of themselves. 


This concept is built around greater learning involvement on a number of levels. It requires deeper thinking as it encourages learners to explore given learning challenges. Our teaching teams then work extremely hard to ensure that our work is as cross curricular as possible and that our learning challenges permeate all areas of the curriculum. We recognise that our children are individuals and unique in their own way so we always endeavour to deliver our rich curriculum by using a range of teaching strategies, including practical sessions, and by using experiences in order to bring learning to life, including special educational visits and visitors.


These are some of the ‘Learning Challenges’ that pupils will be investigating this year:

  • Were the Vikings always victorious and vicious?
  • What makes the earth angry?
  • Will we ever send another man to the moon?
  • How could you be the next Jessica Ennis?


Alongside this we use themed days and weeks to excite and engage our children, these include:

  • Space week
  • Decades day
  • Outdoor learning day
  • Sheffield art day
  • No pen day

Subject coverage 2019 - 2020

Subject coverage 2019 - 2020 1

We hope our website provides you with a clear overview of our curriculum approach, for further detail please read our curriculum booklet.