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Year 6

Our next topic is 'What makes Sheffield so cool?'

Y6 Art project

Antibullying Week 2020 #OddSocksDay

Evolution and Inheritance

Investigating fossils

Look at our learning...

We have been reading....

Y6 RE day: Exploring the main messages and beliefs in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

What have Y6 been reading this term? #ReadingForPleasure #ERIC

WW2 Evacuation

Rose Blanche

Women in the War: A look at equality.

Wizard of Oz

WW2 Propaganda posters

To kickstart our World War Two topic, Year 6 have looked at propaganda, their messages and how it is used as a political tool.  We used our collage skills to replicate some of the most well known from this era. 

Autumn 1 Curriculum News