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Year 4

Y4 Music Performance is being held on Friday 14th February at 9:30 am. Please come along and support your child. Our children are practicing really hard in Music in preparation for it.

This week in English we started to write an explanation text on 'How the Digestive System works.' We started our new topic off by carrying out an investigation: We mimicked the functions of the Digestive System. We used crackers, bananas, orange juice, water, one leg from a pair of tights, a sandwich bag, a paper cup and a plastic cup.  


First, we placed the crackers, bananas, orange juice and water into a sandwich bag and mushed it all up, this  rein-acted the stomach. Then we poured the mashed up substance into the tight and gently squeezed it down to the end of the tight, this rein-acted the part the small and large intestines play. Next, we cut a small hole in the bottom of the tight and we squeezed the substance into a paper cup, this rein-acted the food waste going into the rectum. Finally, we pushed the substance through a hole in the bottom of the paper cup, this rein-acted the waste leaving our bodies through the anus. 

We have started our new Science topic – “What happens to the food we eat.”  We are learning about the digestive system; identifying the different parts, learning what they are called and the function that each part plays within the digestive system.


In English we have been recapping and expanding our SPAG skills by revisiting expanded noun phrases, adverbial phrases and fronted adverbials as well as learning what prepositional phrases are and how to use them within our writing. We are also learning the Legend of Robin Hood. We have researched who he was, what he did, where and when he lived and why he became a legend.


In maths we have learnt how to work out the perimeter of a rectilinear shapes. We have then applied these skills and have worked out a range of real life problems.


Art Day. We learnt about Sheffield artist: Pete McKee

Curriculum Newsletter - Spring 1

Decades Day - we learnt all about the 1980's

Parent Learning Exhibition

We would like to say a very big thank you to all of our parents who attended our Learning Exhibition. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. 

Fundraising towards the cost of our Castleton Residential has started.

We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone for your support as we have raised £67 from our bake sale.  

Bake Sale - fundraising towards our Castleton residential.

Remembrance Day

We have just started our new Science topic: States of Matter. So far we have identify whether an item is a solid, liquid or gas. We have also learnt about the properties and particles for each.


Did you know that materials that are solid keep their shape unless a force is applied. A solid can not change shape on it's own and it will always take up the same amount of space as it will not spread out or flow. A solid isn't always hard - it can be squashy and soft. 


Materials that are liquid can change shape but don't change their volume, and they take the shape of any container that they are in. A liquid can flow or be poured. 


Materials that are in a gaseous state spread out and completely fill the space they are in. Gas can be squashed, they don't keep their shape and they do have weight. 



Curriculum Newsletter - Autumn 2

Black History Day

A big warm welcome to Y4. 

As part of our topic learning - How did the Romans shape our World? we are having a visit from 'Cartimandua' the Celtic Queen of the Brigantes on Thursday 10th October. To make the day more memorable we are asking that all children come dressed for the day as Romans. They can come as any type of Roman - Emperor, leader, soldier, slave. 


Autumn 1 Curriculum News