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Year 4

This year to honour Remembrance Day, we looked at the different wars that have occurred since World War One. We thought about the sacrifices that have been made over the years, and we looked at evidence to find links between the causes of war. 

We then spent some reflective time thinking about the meaning of the poppy through some mindful art. 

What type of tooth is it?

After researching the digestive system and writing about how it works, we used our knowledge to make our own (slightly messy) digestive systems

To start our digestion science topic we looked at where each organ is in our body

We made some great predictions about "The vanishing trick"

How does distance effect sound?

In science this term we have looked at sound, it was fascinating to see how vibrations create the sounds we hear.

After several lessons spent researching, designing and evaluation we really enjoyed using our skills to create our own mosaics.

Y4 had a very interesting time finding out about Hajj as part of our learning around pilgrimages.

Fantastic home learning from Class 10

Practicing our times tables in a variety of ways

Y4 had an amazing time watching the Wizard of Oz and can't wait to start our writing about it

Y4 children are engrossed in their Roman's topic and have brought in some fabulous Home Learning to share! #History

Y4 have published their first piece of writing and it looks fantastic!  They took great care over their presentation and the effort has certainly paid off! #weaspire

Y4 worked very hard on their evidencing skills in history.