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Health and Wellbeing

Meynell Primary School is excited to be part of the 2017-18 Healthy Minds project. 


Sheffield Healthy Minds is a project that aims to promote better links between child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and education, in order to better promote emotional well-being and early recognition of mental health difficulties.

Children and their families recently completed a survey. Below is a summary of some of the findings:




1. The majority of Y2 – Y6 pupils reported feeling very happy about how they were in themselves (75%), how things were in their family (72%), how they were managing in school (60%) and how everything generally was going (60%). They also reported feeling positive about how they were looked after at home (84%) and at school (73%).

2. The data highlighted a proportion of pupils that may have been having a difficult time or who were generally emotionally vulnerable. 3% of children reported that they were not doing very well in themselves, in their family (3%), in school (4%) and overall (2%).

3. Children reported that their biggest problems were:





  1. Parents/carers were asked how they thought their child had been feeling over the past week. Generally they reported that their children had been feeling happy most of the time, however a small proportion of parents/carers reported that their child felt sad (2%), anxious (6%) and angry (4%) quite a lot of the time:
  2. Parents/carers believed that the most significant concerns for their child over the past 3 months were:
  3. Parents/carers reported that they felt the school supported their child’s emotional wellbeing and mental health as follows:


Following this survey we will work in partnership with our link CAMHS clinician to identify key areas of intervention to address our children’s emotional wellbeing at a whole school level, thinking systemically about what areas could be improved and addressing the needs of the most vulnerable students by enhancing and supporting staff skills through reflective practice.