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Our Voice Matters Debate! Representatives from our school Council members had a great morning taking part in a debate with other children. We got to experience how a real debate in the council chamber would happen. Listening carefully to both sides of an argument and voting on who made the best case.

Year 3- Science Day looking at light!

Road Safety Training

Y4 Fundraising for Castleton. 

We have been selling raffle tickets as part of our fundraising initiative. We would like to thank you everyone who bought tickets from us as we raised £40.30

Y4 Fundraising bake sale!

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported us in our fundraising bake sale. We raised a massive £117

Music lessons in Y4 - learning to play the Cornet.

Decades Day

December 2016 the new Dunelm Store opens and we celebrate with them by singing our favourite Christmas Carols.

Children In Need Spotty Day 2016 we raised £295 and had a great day!!

Having a great time in Year 1!!
Spotty Smiles!!!
5 Happy Smiles!
Thumbs up for Children In Need!
Smile for Pudseys Bear!
Yah......We raised £295!!

Pyjamas Day October 2016 for the Sick Children's Foundation Hospital - We raised £310!! Thank you for your support!

Super Hero Pyjamas!!
Twin Pyjamas!!
Wild Animal Pyjamas!!
Having Fun Pyjamas!!
Cosy Pyjamas!!
Happy Pyjamas!!
All Grown Up Pyjamas!!
Working Hard Pyjamas!!
Office Pyjamas!!
All together Pyjamas!!

Meynell children dressed up like a dog for the day to raise money for Support Dogs. We raised £145.50! Thank You!!

The black and white dog!!
I'm so friendly!!! Woof!!
Spots everywhere.......
More spotty dogs!!!
Scooby doo!! Where are you....
A hundred and one spots!
Zip in his training.
What a good boy!!
Zip loves his treats! Yummy ham and cheese!
Sit, wait.....
Exhausted Zip!
Good boy!

The Great Meynell Bake Off April 2016

A perfect pink cake!!
The Easter Bunny came to Meynell
A beautiful rainbow...
Sweet Madness!!
The Easter Chicken
The Chocolate Creation!
The cutting of the cakes
Oh this one looks really nice.....
Soft and creamy inside.
Full of delicious chocolate!
First Prize Casey Mansel Family!!! £25 Voucher
Second Prize Pegg Family!!! £10 Voucher

Meynell Primary School – E-safety

‘Pupils know how to stay safe online’. This is a comment made by Ofsted last year. However, this year’s national theme was all about everyone playing their part. So at Meynell, we decided to have a competition to design badges as a constant reminder to safe online.


The winners were Khyla Crofts from Year 6 and Kayla Daley-Roberts from Year 2. Pupils are proud to wear these and know if they do, they are playing their part in keeping everyone safe.

World Book Day 2016!!!

Where's Wally??
Cat in a Hat comes out to play...
The Witches and Wizards of Meynell!
So many different book characters...
A Princess
A cat in a hat
A Hundred and One Dalmations

Wear it Red Day 2016 for the British Heart Foundation!! We raised £340!!! Thank you for your support!

We all wore red!!
British Heart Foundation Day!
We raised £340!!!
We had a great day!!

Christmas at Meynell 2015

Christmas Dinner Time!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
The Three Wise Cooks!!
Christmas Dinner
Mrs Garratt - Happy Christmas to all!!
Getting ready for Christingle
Christingle Service

Children in Need November 2015! We raised £367. Thank you for your support!!

Smile ladies!!!
The 3 bears
Happy Children in Need Day!!
Smile for Children in Need!
Everyone had a great day!
Dressing up is fun and we raised lots of money!

Lucy King and Westie the Dog from Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity came to visit Meynell!!

Hi everybody!
Let me share my news with you all.......
The Christmas Star Appeal is going to be great!!
Thank you for supporting Weston Park Hospital!!
Big Hugs from Westie!!

Whole School Teddy Bears Picnic in aid of Weston Park Cancer Charity.

We raised £274 thank you for your support!!

Here they all come!!
Cheese or ham sandwich??
Having a great time!!
So much fun...for such a great charity!
Picnic lunch time!!
We are great at sharing with our Teddies!!
High five everyone!!
Picnic Party!!!
Smiles all around!!
The nurture children enjoying their picnic!

The Great Meynell Bake Off May 2015

We had so many beautiful and delicious cakes!
What do you think of the taste?
This one has lovely decorations.
All that chocolate!! Yummy!!
So soft to cut!
I do love a carrot cake.
This one is filled with lots of sweets!
Very crispy!
First Prize!!! Claire Rowbotham.
Second Prize!!! Tracey Pridmore.
It was a very close call our runners up!!
Our Fantastic Judges!!!

Red Nose Day 2015 Wear a Nose Day. We raised £180

Meynell World Book Day 2015

We love to dress up and be our favourite character
Cat in the Hat!
The darker side of life!!!
Umpa Lumpa time..

WEAR IT BEAT IT DAY for the British Heart Foundation. We raised £343.30 thank you for your support!

Christmas Jumper Day 2014 for HallamFM Cash for Kids! We raised £196 Thank you for your supports!

Our wonderful children.