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Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)

Welcome back to all our nursery children! We hope you will have a great term at nursery, making friends and learning lots of new things!

We welcome all our new children and look forward to having fun together at nursery!


Here is our latest curriculum news.....

Nursery maths workshop
Our maths workshop was well attended by our parents and children and lots of fun and learning went on!
Babies visit nursery with their mums.
We enjoyed meeting some lovely babies with their mums. We learnt about what babies need and what babies can do and what we can do now we are so grown up! We watched the babies have a feed of milk from their mummy's breast.

Spring 2 Newsletter 3-4's

Spring 2 Curriculum News 2-3's

We had fun celebrating Chinese New Year!


We made a dragon's head and re-enacted a dragon dance that we had seen on the interactive white board! We tasted prawn crackers and dips and practised using chopsticks! We had great fun learning about another culture!

3-4 Curriculum News January 2017


2-3's Curriculum News Spring 1 2017

A big welcome to our new parents and carers! We hope you enjoy your Welcome Bag.

Welcome back to all our nursery children and a happy new Year to you all!

We will be welcoming some new children to both the 2-3 and the 3-4 room next week and we hope to have some fun making new friends!

Christmas Mark Making Fun! 3-4 Year Old 
Christmas Mark Making Workshop Fun 2-3 Year Old Room

November 2016

Our Bedtime Story Fun! 

Thank you to everyone who came and shared a bedtime story with us in their pyjamas! It was a truly magical evening!

2-3's Hide and Seek Fun

Autumn fun in the 3-4 nursery!

We have been using tools to scoop out the pumpkin. We listened to a story in the dark with the pumpkin lantern lit up and we used our imagination to make potions! In phonics we made a potion with rhyming objects such as bat and cat, frog and dog. We turned into frogs after saying some magic words!

Autumn 2 Newsletter 2-3 Room

2-3 Room: We are friends!

Latest Newsletter 3-4 room 
Thank you to our parents who joined us for Nursery Rhyme Time this week!

2-3 Room: We love to build!

Look at our super hero den that we have made! We made some capes for our little people to turn them into superheroes!


Curriculum News 2-3 year olds Autumn 1 2016

2-3 Room: Exploring ICT

Curriculum News 3-4 year olds Autumn 1 2016