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Year 4

Week 5

This week Y4 have taken part in Decades day and have learnt about the 1980’s. We have also learnt about teeth in Science. We have compared human and animal teeth and have carried out an enquiry into what causes tooth decay. In maths we have started our learning on measurements and perimeter. In English we have started writing our version of the moral story: Crying Wolf.

Decades Day - 1980's

Decades Day - 1980's 1
Decades Day - 1980's 2
Decades Day - 1980's 3
Decades Day - 1980's 4

Week 4

In maths we have been focusing on our 3, 6 and 9 times-tables. We have been using the knowledge of each of these and the patterns and links between them and have been working through reasoning and problems solving questions.

In English we have been learning all about Moral Stories. We have been looking at the different features used within our story, we have been learning about direct speech and how to use punctuation correctly when including speech within our writing.

In Science we have been learning about the Digestive System. We have learnt about the different parts of it and what each part does, what they are responsible for.

Class 9 have presented their learning to their parents in their first Parent Assembly of them being in Y4. They did a fabulous job, well done!


Week 3

In maths we multiplied and divided by 10 and 100. We then put our skills in to practise by solving a range of word problems, using our reasoning skills. In English we completed our writing and have published our narratives based on the story Elf Road. We started our new Science topic – What happens to the food we eat? We are learning about our digestive systems.

Dressing up for Children in Need.

Dressing up for Children in Need. 1
Dressing up for Children in Need. 2
Dressing up for Children in Need. 3
Dressing up for Children in Need. 4

Week 2

In maths we have been learning how to multiply by 10 and by 100. In English we have started writing our portal stories. We have been consolidating our learning on using descriptive language and speech correctly. We have continued reading our class novels and have been focusing on developing our retrieval and inference skills.

Multiplying by 100

Week 1

In Y4 we have got off to a fabulous start! In English are developing our talk for writing and are consolidating our learning of using expanded noun phrases within our writing. In maths we have been focusing on subtraction; developing our skills of subtracting with and without exchanging and regrouping. We have also applied our subtraction skills to solving reasoning problems. In book study we have continued reading our class noels: How to Train Your dragon and Billionaire Boy. Swimming lessons are continuing to go well and our children are developing their water safety skills each week.

Art Day. The artist we learnt about was Kid Acne.

Art Day. The artist we learnt about was Kid Acne. 1

Remembrance Day

Autumn 2 Curriculum News

Autumn 2 Curriculum News 1

Week 7

This week in year 4 we have been using our investigation skills to research what living things we have in our school grounds. In maths, we have been learning about negative numbers and applying our new knowledge to help us solve a problem. Finally, in English we have been creating a bank of expanded noun phrases to help us with our descriptive writing next week. 

In music we have started to learn how to play the Cornet. We have learnt about buzzing lips and what we need to do to make a sound from the instrument. We have also gone over the ground rules of how to use our instrument correctly: how to hold it, how to put it away and about being respectful towards each other whilst playing our instruments. 

Where can we find the most organisms on our school grounds?

Week 6

We have continued writing our information texts in English, making sure that we are including expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases within each paragraph. In Science we have been looking at the Planets and learning how to identify where each one is within our Solar System. We have also learnt the characteristics of each planet
Class 10 have also held their Parent's assembly. The children were amazing during their presentation of the learning that they have been doing over the past half term. Well Done Class 10, we are proud of you!

Science Week - The Planets in our Solar System.

Week 5

We have started writing our information texts this week on Sheffield City Centre. We have focused on the theatres, galleries and gardens that we can visit freely. In maths we have looked at greater than, less than and same as and have ordered numbers in both ascending and descending order according to their values. In Science we have started classifying organisms using a classification key. 

Week 4

We have started our learning in Science and have learnt that all living organisms have 7 life processes – MRS NERG. In English we starting to develop our understanding of Information texts – what they are, the features they include and the language that is used within them. Next we are going to write an information text on the city of Sheffield; we will including some of the things that we learnt about our city from the trip that we went on last week. In maths we are learning about place value and partitioning numbers into their values. We started our music lessons last week – The Sheffield Music Hub come into school each Friday and they are going to teach us how to play the Cornet.

Week 3

Our Topic: Why is Sheffield such a cool place to live? got off to a flying start when we went on our field trip to Sheffield City Centre on Wednesday. We learnt about the history of some our buildings: Lyceum, City hall, Town hall, City Library and a few others. We also visited the Millennium Gallery, Winter Gardens and Graves Art Gallery where we saw lots of wonderful things. In the Millennium Gallery we learnt more about one of the artists that we have been learning about in our art topic –John Ruskin. We ended our day by splashing in the fountains in the Peace Gardens.


In English we have completed writing our version of the Pied Piper, applying all the skills that we have been learning over the past three weeks.

Week 2


This week we have been continuing to learn our story: The Pied Piper of Hamlin through actions and images. We have also been analysing the text and looking at the key features and the use of word types used to create detail and description.

In maths we have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 and have been using our knowledge of this by applying it to real life problems.


In art we are looking at Famous Sheffield artists, such as Pete McKee. We have used ICT to research them and have compared their work both in style and in materials used.

Mrs Holmes, Miss Gibbens and Mrs Booth would like to welcome everyone to Y4. 


Here is some important information:

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday mornings for class 10. Wednesday mornings for class 9.

Swimming lessons are Mondays afternoons for both classes.

Please make sure that your child has a full PE kit: Black/navy shorts, white/navy tee-shirt, pumps or trainers


We are going on our visit to Sheffield City Centre on Wednesday 19th September as part of out topic learning.

 Your child will need:

- a packed lunch, including a bottle of water

- change of clothes for when we paddle in the water fountains in the Peace Gardens - shorts and tee-shirt and a small towel to dry themselves

- a hands-free bag to carry their things in 


Homework will be given out weekly. Reading records need to be returned to school daily so that we can fill them in when we listen to your children read. If your children reads twice at home they get to move on their journey 'Around the World'; they will also earn Dojo points. 

Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter 1