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English projects (5 weeks)  - See complimentary videos in link above. 
Reading 2021 

KS2 Maths Escape Room

Hi guys here is today's maths video but with a twist! I'm stuck in school and I can't get out! Can you help me open the locks on the doors by solving problem...

Whodunnit? A KS2 Maths Mystery! Can you interrogate the suspects to find the culprit?

There are a number of suspects but none of them are very willing to tell you where they were at the time of the crime unless you do something for them first! Can you solve the problems to find out who what behind the crime?

Other learning links

Draw with Rob!

Check out these great art tutorials! Follow the link below and you will have access to lots of step-by-step guides to drawing a range of comic style pictures. Pick from a Gigantasoarus, Aliens and even a grumpy unicorn!




Book recommendation

I have just finished another amazing book which I wanted to share with you. The Highland Falcon Thief is a mystery in which you need all your detective skills to find out 'who-dun-it'. It's set on a regal, luxurious train which is on its very last voyage and hosts a variety of rich, famous and royal people. I loved it and, as it's the first in the series, I can't wait to read the next one!

SATs week with a twist!

It was great to hear how some of you were 'gutted' that SATs wasn't going ahead this year because I know how hard you have worked and you were ready to show off all your learning! Do remember that learning is a lifelong skill and all your hard work hasn't been wasted as has prepared you for your next stage in learning.


This week I will be posting different SATs related activities for you to enjoy - a chance to tackle SATs week in a different, fun way!


Activity 1 - Be the teacher!

Last night I wanted to see how much I could remember so I completed an arithmetic paper. I was a bit tired and some of those arithmetic strategies were a bit tricky but I think I did well! What score did I get? If I got any wrong (which I doubt it because I'm super clever) send a picture in showing me how I should have solved it!

*activity in link below


Hello again!

Over the last few weeks Mr Hope and I have been calling to catch up with you all at home (if we haven't been able to catch you yet we will be ringing again!) which has been lovely. It sounds like you're all doing a great job of adjusting to these strange times and have been up to a range of interesting and creative activities: baking, exploring, gardening, dancing, reading, painting and much more! Please keep sending pictures of what you're doing to our school twitter - @MeynellSchool. If you have a look on there, you may even see two amazing dance routines from Kaseymai and myself! :)


Look forward to speaking and seeing you all again soon!


Mr West

Try these six 'Outdoor Activities' for at home!

Charanga! Sign in with your Wonde account and you can learn some new songs related to your topics from this year.

Book Recommendation!

Wow! I devoured this book in two days and it has already jumped into my top 5 books list! A gripping and stunning read which fills you with all emotions. Quite a dark story with many twists and turns! 5 stars for Orphans of the Tide by Struan Murray!

Book Recommendation!

I have recently finished reading Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick and it is brilliant! If you are a fan of goosebumps and spooky stories this is definitely one for you. All I will say is.....Don't. Ever. Fall Asleep.

Maths Investigations - I See Maths

I have loved trying these investigations - they are such simple questions but lead to so many thoughts and ideas! There are daily challenges uploaded for Y5/6 home learning and another selection of free resources (investigations and tasks) which are very unusual and interesting.


The company is called I See Maths and is run by Gareth Metcalfe.


The website links are below:






I'd love to see how you get on trying these out! Please send photos of your work to @MeynellSchool for me to see smiley


Mr West

Super Sentence Stackers!

At 9:45am everyday there is an amazing session, hosted by Jane Considine, where you get a chance to learn how to write in an amazingly creative way. Each session is run by Jane and she has free resources to support on her website.


All you need to do is click on her YouTube channel, grab a pencil and paper and enjoy!


We have already had some great writing retweeted by her - maybe yours could be next? Please tag us in anything you do as I'd love to see it! @MeynellSchool







Hello Y6 smiley

I hope you are all safe and well. 


School feels a strange place without seeing all your smiles, hearing all your random stories and having that day-to-day interaction. However, during this time I believe it is important to try and keep positive as best we can! You are going to have the opportunity to learn in a completely different way than you are used to and, who knows, you may even learn how to make your own bed! wink


I will be uploading a variety of ideas, activities and resources for you to try at home. There are many fantastic free resources which I will link you to so you can keep learning and exploring!


It would be amazing to hear from you and to see the great things you have been up to. Please follow our school Twitter account @MeynellSchool and tag us in anything and everything!


Look forward to speaking to you all,


Mr West



Y6 science challenge - could you have saved the Titanic?

Y6 Writing project - Don't forget to tweet @MeynellSchool a copy of your stories!

Try these Lego Challenges! How many can you complete? Can you create a poster or advert to promote your creation?

Exciting maths games to support your learning.

Crickweb has lots of maths learning games to explore

Are you a Timestable Rock star?

Visit Literacyshed.com to explore fantastic animations and activities!

Listen to and read exciting books.

Let's get moving with BBC's Super mover activities!

Let 'Go Noodle' help get you focused, calm or get you moving, shaking off some of that excess energy!

Why not mix it up and try one of the sections on BBC bitesize? Plenty to explore!

Easter Activities