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Alice In Wonderland - Tea Party Clip (HQ)

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Challenge!

Hi guys

Miss Beer has set you all a couple of challenges. She would like you all to get creative and to think outside of the box - think of something original and different!


Challenge 1:

Design and create an outfit fit for the Mad Hatter's tea party. She would like you to first plan your outfit on paper then using old, recycled clothing she would like you to make your outfit using your D&T skills. You may need some help with this from your grown-ups. 


Challenge 2:

Create a menu of the different foods that you would serve at the tea party. You are only allowed to serve healthy foods so get creative! Think about the different types of sandwiches, cakes and finger foods you could make. Then have a go at making some of your creations.


Challenge 3:

Design a tea service that you will use at the tea party. You will need think about what you will pour the drinks from, what you will drink out of and what you will serve the food on. 


Please remember to ask you grown-ups for help where and when help is needed; ask them to take photographs of your outfits and of your tea parties. 


Remember to post them all on Twitter @Meynellschool so that Miss Beer, Mr Jones and myself can all see your fabulous outfits and  can join in with your tea parties. 

How To... Build A Rain Gauge - The Great British Weather - BBC One

Hi everyone, hope you're well and been enjoying the recent good weather if you can! It's been a record spring with the most sunshine in 100 years! However, there may be some rain on the way... Watch the video for tips on how to make a rain gauge which you can use to record how much rain falls in your garden!

School Swimming have pulled together some fun swimming activities for you do in at home with your families. They include water safety worksheets from the Swimming Teachers Association; wordsearches created by one of the teams; videos of some swimming skills that you can practice in your own home, and a link to Swim England’s home-school activity sheets. You can colour; spot dangers or even practice kicking off your socks while sitting on the sofa!


The link to the webpage for the activity sheets is below as are all the activity sheets for you to access. The video is also there for you to watch.

5 Fun swimming skills to do at home

5 Fun swimming skills to do at home.

Hi guys, 

We hope you are all keeping safe and well! It has been lovely talking to you, sharing what we have all been doing, we are missing you all! Please post any work or anything exciting that you have done on Twitter @Meynellschool so that we can see it too.


What beautiful weather we are having! Please remember if you are playing out in this lovely, hot sunshine to put sun lotion on; wear a sunhat; to stay in the shade as much as possible and to drink plenty of water. 



Mrs Holmes, Mr Jones and Miss Beer


I ran past this trig point yesterday. Find out what they are and where the nearest ones to you are! https://trigbagging.co.uk/

What an amazing animal! Can you give it a name and a description? What type of animal (predator/prey, herbivore/carnivore etc) is it? Where do you think it fits on the food chain? Can you draw a picture of it? Science - Animals

On this day in 330 AD Constantinople became the Capital City of the Roman Empire. It seems like a long time ago that we studied the Romans doesn’t it? How many years ago was 330 AD?


We’d like to try some of these activities.


  1. Research what life was like in a Roman town.
  2. Write a list of the things that Romans brought to Britain.
  3. Write a song, poem or rap about gives us information about the Romans.
  4. Make a poster recruiting soldiers to join the Roman Empire and fight against the Celts.
On this day in 330 AD, Constantinople become the capital city of the Roman Empire. It seems like a long time since we studied the Romans doesn't it?

Try the activities on the getset4pe website! There's lots of fun games to try to stay fit, healthy and happy!



Try these six 'Outdoor Activities' for at home!

Charanga! Sign in with your Wonde account and you can learn some new songs related to your topics from this year.

Pencil tower challenge! How high can you make a tower of pencils? What is the best way to overlap them?

Setting descriptions

I saw these amazing photographs on the BBC website. I definitely want to visit there now! Can you write descriptions of the settings? Think about the different senses (smell, sound, sight etc...) You could try to use similes to compare and describe such as 'As shimmery as a ...'

You could tweet your work to the Meynell Twitter account @MeynellPrimary.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-52384143Hey Year 4, I saw these amazing photographs on the bbc website of the Nordic Islands. I definitely want to visit there now! Can you write descriptions of these settings? Think about the senses of smell, sight, sounds etc... Can you uses similes to describe and compare? You could also have a go at drawing the scenes. You could tweet your sentences to @MeynellSchool

Hi Year 4! What words can you find from the 7 letters (you can use the star as an extra letter of your choice) joining them to the word ‘spelling’? What’s the longest word? Which word gives the most points?

Maths - Create your own daily timetable and draw on the clock faces the time that you started each activity.

Sentence builder

Spelling strategy suggestions!
Hello Year 4’s!
Here are some of the items I bought recently when shopping and I’d like you to solve some problems to do with their prices. 
Firstly, put them in ascending order of cost (lowest to highest).
Then, round each number to the nearest ten pence.
If you had £3 in your pocket, which items could you buy and how much change would you get?
Find the difference between the most expensive item I bought and the cheapest.
If 4 bananas cost 64p what would 1 banana cost? What would 8 bananas cost?
Find the total cost of all the items.
Finally, what coins could you use to pay for the items exactly?
When you finish you could try estimating the prices of some of the things your family recently bought to practise your maths skills. 


Good luck,

Mr Jones

Birds, birds glorious birds!

Each day, whilst I have been off school, I have taken my dog on longs walks around the area that I live. During my walks I have walked down streets around my house and through parks and grassed areas and the one consistent thing that I have noticed on all of my walks are the birds.  I have seen lots of different birds: Magpies, Blackbirds, Sparrows, Crows and many other types. Their songs are beautiful and each one is different.


I am setting you all a couple of challenges to do based on the birds that live in your local area. 

  1. try and identify the different types of birds that you see when you are out on a walk or in your gardens
  2. listen to the different bird songs and see if you can work out which song belongs to which bird
  3. make a recycled bird feeder
  4. make bird feeders using a range of different foods (only use food suitable for the birds)
  5. create a fact file on your favourite bird 


I have put a couple of links below to help you. The RSPB website is a brilliant resource for you to use. You could also ask your grown up to help you search the internet for more websites to help you.


Remember to share your bird feeder and fact files with us all on Twitter @MeynellSchool. I will be looking out for them. 


Love Mrs Holmes 

How to make a Bird Feeder from a Plastic Bottle

Good morning Y4!

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. We hope that you have all been keeping busy and active; looking after yourselves and each other and have been doing lots of fun things. 


Mr Jones, Miss Beer and myself are all keeping busy in lots of different ways: such as taking part in daily keep fit activities; reading lots of different books; helping out in the house - keeping it clean and tidy; working in the gardening - planting plants and seeds, weeding etc and cooking food and baking cakes.


Let us know some of the fun things that you have been involved in, drop us a message on Twitter @MeynellSchool


Love Mrs Holmes, Mr Jones and Miss Beer 



Y4, try this science at home which links to your learning about water. Don't forget to tweet us your pictures!

The Listening Walk

Listen carefully to the story and look closely at the different pictures.


We would like you to go on a Listening Walk. You can go on one whilst walking your dog with your grown-up; getting your daily exercise outside; when you are in your garden or even in your house. 


Then we would like you to do the following activities:

  • tell the story of your Listening Walk either through words or pictures
  • choose 2 contrasting things that you saw on your walk and create a piece of artwork using either sketching, painting or collage (using different pieces of paper or materials and sticking them together to create a picture) 
    • for example: trees and pathway or teddy bear and wardrobe
  • create a list of all the different sounds you could hear and what is making the sounds (think back to our science learning and the topic on sound) what is vibrating in order to create the sounds. 
    Sound Explanation of how sound is made
    Remember to share your work with us on Twitter @MeynellSchool



The Listening Walk

Y4 Writing project - Don't forget to tweet @MeynellSchool a copy of your stories!

We just wanted to say a huge hello to you all.

We are really missing you and hope you are all keeping safe and well!

We have added a few new activities for you all to have a go at. Keep checking this page as we will keep adding new things on here for you to have a go at. 


Love from Mrs Holmes, Mr Jones and Miss Beer. 


Daylight saving time. 

Daylight saving time is on Sunday 29th March. We would like you to research what daylight saving time is and write an explanation text about it.

We would like you to explain:

  • what it is
  • what happens during this time
  • how often it occurs through the year
  • if it happens World wide
  • any customs/traditions linked to it

Remember to include all the features of an explanation text. 


Share your explanation texts with a member of your family and tweet them so we can share them with you too!

Exercise for fun!

We would like you to create a keep fit routine to 'Dance Monkey'. See how many sets of moves you can get in for example: lunges, waist swivels, arm stretches, star jumps etc. Teach someone your routine and double the fun!


Remember to warm up first!

Use the image below as inspiration and do the following activities:

  1. write a setting description
  2. write a first person narrative (a story with you in it)
  3. replicate the image - sketching it using shading techniques
  4. replicate the image - using blocks of colour either pencil crayons or paints


In your writing think about including the senses: what can you see, hear, smell, taste, touch. Remember to include all the descriptive techniques that you have been learning: expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, adverbial phrases, prepositional phrases, alliteration and similes. Also remember to include correct punctuation:  . ' , ?  !  " " 

Dear Year 4....

We are missing you all very much and we hope you are all keeping safe.


Over the next few weeks we will be putting learning on the website for you all to have a go at. We hope you will all try your best and enjoy the many different activities that we will be putting on here for you to do. Think back and remember all the fantastic learning you have done this year and let's continue to build on this!


Please remember to keep safe, keep following our values and we will see you all as soon as we possibly can.


Mrs Holmes, Mr Jones and Miss Beer

Try these Lego Challenges! How many can you complete? Can you create a poster or advert to promote your creation?

Exciting maths games to support your learning.

Crickweb has lots of maths learning games to explore...

Are you a Timestable Rock star?

Visit Literacyshed.com to explore fantastic animations and activities!

Listen to and read exciting books.

Let's get moving with BBC's Super mover activities!

Let 'Go Noodle' help get you focus, calm or get you moving, shaking off some of that excess energy!

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