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Year 3

Do you want to learn a new song? Watch Caroline Hallam from the Sheffield Music Service to singalong!

The link for the song and resources: https://www.nationalteacherschoir.org.uk/sing-in

Hi Year 3!


I hope you are all ok and safe. We are missing you all and hope we get to see you soon. 


Next year when you are in Y4, you will be learning to swim. Why not get a head start and try these fun swimming activities to do at home. Send us your pictures of you trying them to @MeynellSchool on Twitter. 


I've also added some other activities you can try which all help with the skill of being a confident swimmer. 


Keep smiling and stay safe,


Miss Ellis, Mr Gray and Miss Harrison :) 

5 Fun swimming skills to do at home

5 Fun swimming skills to do at home.

Year 3 love reading this story in class. Why not mute the sound so you can read a long yourself. Remember to do different voices for the different colours!

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

Some great PE activities here for you to try at home! You'll find the link below the picture.

Try these six 'Outdoor Activities' for at home!

VE Day- Friday 8th May 2020

Hi Year 3,


This Friday is VE Day. At school we would have been learning all about it. I've left some activities here for you to do at home. Can you answer these questions before you start?


-What is VE Day?

-Why do we remember it? 

- What did people do to celebrate it in the past? 


Why not read the information below to find out, or head onto the internet and find out! 


Remember to share what you find on Twitter @MeynellPrimary


Stay Safe,


Miss Ellis, Mr Gray and Mrs Harrison :) 

You could bake some recipes from WW2. Here are some ideas.

VE Day Challenge Box! How many of these can you complete this week? Send a picture to @MeynellPrimary to show us everything you've done.

Charanga! Sign in with your Wonde account and you can learn some new songs related to your topics.

Bird Feeders!

All you need to make these bird feeders-


Toilet roll tube

bird seed

peanut butter 

and some string/ribbon/sticks


1. Simply cover the toilet roll in peanut butter.

2. Roll it in the bird seed.

3. Make holes and thread through the string/sticks.

4. Hang it outside and watch the birds enjoy.


Share your finished bird feeders on @MeynellPrimary. You could even write instructions to help someone else make one, make them more detailed than mine! 


Hope you are all safe,


Miss Ellis :)

Pete McKee Cartoon Lessons. Learn from a local artist how to draw some fantastic cartoons!

Are you missing school? Why not try a lesson from bbc bitesize! Show us your learning on twitter @MeynellSchool

Hi Class 7! 


It was lovely to speak to some of you yesterday on the phone. I loved hearing what all of you have been up to!

I have been enjoying daily walks in the sunshine and reading lots of books.  

I've added a few more activities for you to try and it'd be great if you could share anything you try on twitter @MeynellSchool so we can all see. 


Stay safe and I'll see you all soon I hope,


Miss Ellis :)



Some science from home for Y3! This links to your learning about volcanoes. Don't forget to tweet us your pictures. 


Y3 Writing project - Don't forget to tweet @MeynellSchool a copy of your stories!

Try these Lego Challenges! How many can you complete? Can you create a poster or advert to promote your creation?

Exciting maths games to support your learning.

Crickweb has lots of maths learning games to explore...

Are you a Timestable Rock star?

Visit Literacyshed.com to explore fantastic animations and activities!

Listen to and read exciting books.

Let's get moving with BBC's Super mover activities!

Let 'Go Noodle' help get you focus, calm down or get you moving, shaking off some of that excess energy!

Why not mix it up and try one of the sections on BBC bitesize? Plenty to explore!

Easter Activities