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Year 1

Painting - Wassily Kandinsky


Today we began our new unit in Art by looking at Kandinsky. We began by discussing Kandinsky's work, looking at his use of cool and warm colours. We then shared our thoughts of what it is his abstract work represents. To finish our first lesson, we had a go at using line work to create abstract art. Our teachers didn't let us take our pencil off the paper until we had finished. Year 1 are very enthusiastic about Wassily Kandinsky and incredibly passionate about abstract art.

Jubilee Art


As part of their Jubilee celebrations, Year 1 created art work to honour the Queen. We looked at Andy Warhol, using only the primary colours and drawing using symmetry. We hope you enjoy looking through our pictures!



Our aim in Year 1 is to develop confident artists who are able to develop their drawings from piece to piece. In order to enable this we have been looking at line work, shading and also the use of colour. We spoke about the primary colours and why they are so important.


Here are some pictures of the drawing we developed of our school. We are sure you will agree that they are simply wonderful!

3D Form 


This term  Year 1 have been enjoying exploring 3D form. We have looked at a range of different sculpture artists and the materials they use, such as; Michelangelo and his traditional marble sculptures and Jeff Koons with his pop art style. Andy Goldsworthy was the final sculpture artist we explored, looking at how his work is heavily influenced by the environment. The children enjoyed taking their learning outdoors and working in teams to design their own natural sculptures. Finally, we enjoyed working with clay to create sculptures of our own, which we designed to go in the entrance of our school. It was great to see so many children engaging in conversation about their materials of choice and also explaining their designs.


We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures!